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Failte gu Fuadach nan Gaidhealt na h-Alba

Failte gu Fuadach nan Gaidhealt na h-Alba.
The Highland Clearances were a devestating part of the history of Scotland. For many it changed not only their way of life but also shaped the rural future of Scotland. Many villagers suffered at the hands of their landlords and tackmen and fought a desperate struggle to find a new life. Others managed to propser in a new life that never saw them return to Scotland again. Here is a resource that supports the documentation and historical value of this important area of Scottish history. You can follow in the footsteps of these villagers and find detailed descriptions and locations of the remains of some of the villages and townships through site descriptions, photographs and suggestions for further reading and links to follow.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Clachtoll to Lochinver

Happy New Year!

In my last proper post of the last year I started a thread that concentrated on the area of Clachtoll. This beautiful area, as discussed, was an area created and grown from the silent clearances. These areas borne new industries for crofters that centred around the Kelp growing and distribution, that in itself was quite a successful enterprise for both laird and worker alike.

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As you take the last look at the Salmon Bothy that we discussed in the last post, head onto the main road and follow the B869 to Lochinver. Take your time along this road as you will often be awarded with both spectacular views and glimpses of wildlife, birds of prey and deer. As you travel along this road, there are sites and remains of townships and crofts that are worth a look and will not be too far  from the road.

The photographs here in this post focus on a small collection of buildings along the side of the road. A word here about the road. As beautiful as the road is, it is windy, single tracked and often blind on bends so be careful where you park and don not cause an obstruction.

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This croft here is worth a look and you will be awarded with  superb gable end structures (I am obsessed with Gable ends!)

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As you can see from the photographs here, the scenery is stunning and these photographs were taken on a dreary day in October. These buildings, like many that you will come across have been used in recent times to house animals and often there are artifacts associated with modern crofting and agriculture.

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Standing at this site and looking across the views in front of me, in the rain and winds, did give me a brief feeling of what it must have been like.

I was lucky enough to be staying about a mile from this site and in the evenings the whole area took on a whole new viewpoint as the clear night skies presented the most wonderful star lit sky I have ever seen.

Leaving this site, continue along the road for approximately half a mile and wait for me there. We will pick up the thread of this area in our next post

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