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Failte gu Fuadach nan Gaidhealt na h-Alba

Failte gu Fuadach nan Gaidhealt na h-Alba.
The Highland Clearances were a devestating part of the history of Scotland. For many it changed not only their way of life but also shaped the rural future of Scotland. Many villagers suffered at the hands of their landlords and tackmen and fought a desperate struggle to find a new life. Others managed to propser in a new life that never saw them return to Scotland again. Here is a resource that supports the documentation and historical value of this important area of Scottish history. You can follow in the footsteps of these villagers and find detailed descriptions and locations of the remains of some of the villages and townships through site descriptions, photographs and suggestions for further reading and links to follow.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Sallachill Township Area

Further to my earlier discussion regarding Sallachill, I am now able to post some of the photographs that I took on that visit. The site is extensive  and the footprint of the township is sprread over three distinctive areas. These I will call lower, middle and higher.

Lower village area
Typical footprint remains of aea
Gable and left wall remain

Another of the remaining buildings
Long barn with dividing wall

Complete gable and corner wall

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